Getting Started?

April 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Whatever it is: taking on a new project, learning a new drinking game, doing errands, or writing a blog, the hardest part is always getting started.  After that it’s only a mystery why it took so long just to begin.

Take the plunge

When it comes to cleaning the garage, applying for a better job, and writing that screenplay, we sometimes forget the value of the accomplishment.  “I don’t feel like it,” and, “I’m so exhausted,” take over.  Don’t forget that humans thrive off of accomplishment.  The harder it is the more satisfying it will be.  If you aren’t doing anything worth a damn you aren’t going to be happy, and if you get through this first step you’ll never regret it!

Sometimes – in the case of learning something new for example – there is a fear of the unknown.  When trying new things for the first time we don’t know what to expect.  That’s scary.

wait minute . . .

Have you ever seen a baby’s face when they taste something new?  That’s what’s going on in you head.  In all your years of experience, this thing never came up.  What if you don’t like it?  What if you are bad at it?  What if you need to use that valuable mental energy saved for inane conversation with the check-out clerk?  Like most old people dealing with technology, you might find it best to just leave new stuff alone and stick with your tried and true routine and hobbies.

There is a certain comfort in sticking with what you know, (eg. chain-restaurant vs hole-in-the-wall.) For some people that’s satisfactory, while others believe in the adage, “I’ll try anything once.”  That concept is what I hope people reading this blog appreciate.  I hope you consider some of the ideas that may seem common sense to some and absolute nonsense to others.

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